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The Best AMI Offshore Fishing Is Happening Right Now is with AMI Excursions of Anna Maria Island, Florida

The Best AMI Offshore Fishing Is Happening Right Now

As a longtime Anna Maria Island fishing captain, I know that when the calendar hits October, we’re headed for some of the very best fishing of the year.

Here’s what my AMI charter guests can expect from our fishing excursions in the fall and winter of 2023 and into 2024.

Oct.-Dec. 2023 Deep-Sea Fishing Off Anna Maria Island

For one thing, there’s going to be a lot of offshore fishing going on next few months. And those trips out to deeper waters will be totally worth it, because Oct.-Dec. brings some of the best fishing of the year—especially in the deep-sea waters off Anna Maria Island.

There will be a lot of people booking their offshore AMI fishing boat charters this time of year, so it’s best to get your reservation now to reserve your preferred dates and times.

Why is Fall Great for Southwest Florida Fishing?

There are a few reasons we get excited to go fishing in the fall around Anna Maria Island.

Fall Fishing Weather in AMI

For one thing, the weather starts to cool off a bit. Not only is that more comfortable for us up on the boat, but some species of fish love the cooler water, too.

Active Gulf Fish in Every Direction

This is also a migratory time for Gulf of Mexico fish, and the ones that don’t like the cold will be moving toward shallow, warming waters or off into the depths. They’ll be super active, hungry and hunting as they migrate and/or head south for the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream.

Big Fish and Big Fights

Offshore fishing means bigger fish. That’s just the way it works when you move into deeper waters away from land.

That’s why lots of keen anglers book offshore charters this time of year, even if they’re not looking to catch a particular species. Deep-sea fishing the Gulf of Mexico in the fall is for fun, fights, and enormous fish.

Past Peak Season

Not only are these great natural conditions, but now that we’ve passed the peak summer season for people, the fishing is better than ever.

This is a bit of irony we deal with in the fishing charter industry: Better fishing means more people, but more people can make the fishing less good.

Still, fall remains an ideal season for Anna Maria Deep sea fishing, even if all the experts want to fish right now. That’s because kids are back in school and recreational boat traffic in general traditionally settles down a bit. That leaves a lot of room—and a lot of fish—for us to head offshore to find.

There’s enough fish and space for everybody—but charter spots fill up fast, so book your reservation today.

What Kinds of Fish Do You Catch on an Anna Maria Deep-Sea Charter?

We will be catching a lot of redfish, gag grouper, and hogfish next few months. 

Redfish: Redfish are moving out to deeper waters in the fall. And they especially love reefs and structures out there. Freshwater anglers will say that redfish fight like big bass, and I can’t disagree.

Gag Grouper: These are popular Florida fish, both for catching and especially for eating. Once we hit stone crab season, we know the grouper have some of the best feeding of the year. (And hopefully we will, too!) Heading offshore from AMI, we find loads of mature—and big—gag groupers in the fall.

Hogfish: AMI’s offshore waters are hogfish heaven, and there are loads of them to be found out there when southwest Florida’s fall cold snaps start to hit.

Why Book an AMI Fishing Charter This Fall?

I say it all the time: Inshore or offshore, novice or expert, the fishing around Anna Maria Island is great for everyone, all year long. Especially when you book an experienced captain to take you to the fish.

But sometimes you just want to get out in the Gulf of Mexico and fish where the big catches live. And fall is your time to head offshore on an AMI deep-sea excursion and have a few fishing seriously exciting adventures.

If you want the breeze in your hair and some action on the line, boy, have we got the Anna Maria Island fishing boat charters for you.

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