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Summer is Perfect for Anna Maria Island Dolphin Tours with AMI Excursions and Captain Nate Costello

Summer is Perfect for Anna Maria Island Dolphin Tours

While the waters are warm and the fish are active, us anglers aren’t the only ones who get excited for Anna Maria Island fishing. This also happens to be the best time of year to spot dolphins in and around Sarasota Bay.

Yes, we have loads of dolphin activity here year-round, and they’re not going anywhere. Dolphins don’t migrate in our area, but plenty of fish do. And as those delicious fish are flocking into our waters, loads of dolphins can be seen taking advantage of their very own seafood buffet.

Whether you’re looking for an Anna Maria Island dolphin tour or you’re just hoping to spot a few of these playful mammals while you’re out on your AMI fishing charter, now’s the perfect chance!

Get to Know the Dolphins of Sarasota Bay

Our area’s dolphin credentials run deep. We’re actually the home of the oldest continuous study of bottlenose dolphins in the world, the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program (SDRP).

You can even see the organization’s brief profiles of dozens of our local dolphins on their website.

That way, while you’re out on your tour or later when you’re looking over your pictures, you can try to determine who you said hi to—whether it was Bob, or Noah, or Lightning, or any number of others!

Sarasota Bay Dolphin Behavior

How do we know where to find the dolphins? Well, believe it or not, the SDRP has revealed that different groups of dolphins actually hang out in particular “neighborhoods” right here in the bay. And we have a good sense of where those neighborhoods are because the dolphins keep using them year after year and even generation after generation.

And as you can see from the SDRP profiles, dolphins live for a long time in the wild. You might see animals that were born in the 70s or 80s.

Dolphins are super playful and sociable, so if you see one, you’ll probably see more. They also love to “surf” on boat wake, and they’re usually not very shy.

That being said, there are very important laws and guidelines to keep in mind. We’re not trying to get up in the dolphin’s business or otherwise bother them.

After all, dolphins are awesome, and we want them to be here, happy and healthy, in the future, too!

About AMI Dolphin Tours

Our four-hour dolphin tour for up to six people is designed to be both exciting and comfortable. We’ll zip over to and through places I know the dolphins love to roam.

And while it’s always thrilling to see a pod of dorsal fins rising and falling as they cruise along leisurely, boats moving at speed can get their attention. Not only does the boat provide them with wake and a bow wave to play in—up close and personal so it’s great for photos—but it gives us a fantastic breeze on these summer days on the water!

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