AMI Excursions Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters with Captain Nate Costello
Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters with Captain Nate Costello

Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters with Captain Nate Costello

Anna Maria Island is a small island located off the west coast of Florida, known for offering some of the best fishing opportunities worldwide. The island boasts an abundant and diverse range of fish, making Anna Maria Island fishing charters an exhilarating experience, particularly during the fall months of September, October, and November. This period is renowned for being the prime season for fishing on Anna Maria Island.

Catching Redfish on Anna Maria Island, Florida

In these months, we frequently encounter massive schools of redfish, consisting of anywhere from 10 to 500 fish. It’s highly likely that, in September alone, we will catch a minimum of 10 substantial redfish during our fishing charters. Our pursuit of these redfish occurs on the grass flats surrounding Anna Maria Island and Tampa Bay. There’s nothing more gratifying for a local fishing guide, who calls Anna Maria Island home, than witnessing the delighted expressions on their clients’ faces as they reel in a once-in-a-lifetime catch.


Since my childhood, I’ve observed the consistent patterns of these redfish, leading them to the same select grass flats encircling the beautiful Anna Maria Island. My accumulated knowledge and experience regarding the behavior of these redfish during the fall months guarantee an unforgettable fishing charter.

Catching Gag Grouper on Anna Maria Island, Florida

Redfish, however, are not the sole focus of our efforts during the fall season on Anna Maria Island. One of the most formidable, aggressive, and large fish in our region is the Gag grouper. This year, the harvest season for Gag Grouper on Anna Maria Island extends from September 1st to November 11th. Gag Grouper is highly regarded for its delectable taste among our guests on an Anna Maria Island Fishing Charter.


To catch these Gag Grouper, we employ various techniques, including trolling, casting large dead baits near Anna Maria Island’s structures, and using live baitfish. Engaging one of these colossal groupers results in an exhilarating battle that is often etched in memory. I’ve witnessed countless instances where a Gag grouper’s sheer power led to broken lines in rocks, structures, or ledges. Some of my most cherished memories as a guide on Anna Maria Island stem from Gag grouper fishing, and the enthusiasm and excitement displayed by my guests during these epic battles will forever remain unforgettable.

Catering to your Anna Maria Island Fishing Charter Experience

Whether you are an experienced angler or someone seeking their first fishing charter experience on Anna Maria Island, AMI EXCURSIONS can cater to your needs. We can accommodate parties of all sizes, having successfully managed fishing trips for groups of up to 40 people, with multiple fishing charter boats in operation to ensure a fantastic experience for each guest.

AMI Excursions New Boat

In 2023, we have upgraded to a 24-foot T Craft Boatworks fishing machine, which promises to be a game-changer. This new fishing boat will allow us to reach our fishing areas around Anna Maria Island more swiftly and offer a smoother ride as we traverse the Anna Maria Sound, situated at the heart of our Anna Maria Island Fishing Charter operations. Additionally, it enables us to navigate through the shallowest waters in search of the splendid and majestic schools of redfish, snook, and other species that we target on Anna Maria Island. Offshore, we’ll have the ability to reach Anna Maria Island’s fishing locations to pursue the highly sought-after Gag Grouper. Our boat stands out as the most spacious fishing platform in our region, ensuring you’ll be aboard the most luxurious fishing vessel on the water, without a doubt.

See You Soon!

I am incredibly excited about the forthcoming adventures with all my wonderful clients who place their trust in me time and time again to ensure they have the best possible experience when booking a fishing trip on Anna Maria Island.

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