AMI Excursions Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters with Captain Nate Costello
AMI Charter Boat Excursions for Everyone with AMI Excursions of Anna Maria Island, Florida

AMI Charter Boat Excursions for Everyone

As we look forward to 2024 on Anna Maria Island, we all have a lot to be grateful for in the year ahead. And if you’re looking for fun on the water, then we’ve got the AMI charter boat excursion for you.

Whether your New Year’s Resolution involves booking an expert deep sea fishing charter, an inshore family fishing trip with the kids, or a Florida charter for a boat tour, dolphin spotting or a fabulous sunset cruise, you’ll find the AMI boat trip of your dreams right here through AMI Excursions.

Here are the professional charter boat benefits we offer for everyone:

Experienced AMI Boat Charter Captain

Hello! If we haven’t met yet, I’m AMI Excursions’ Captain Nate. And if you book with AMI Excursions, you will meet me, because I’m the captain you’ll be getting for every trip we take. No bait-and-switch here!

I have more than 10 years of experience as a professional charter captain right here in Anna Maria Island. And on top of that, I grew up here! The Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay are like my childhood neighborhood. I know these waters inside and out.

Of course, I got to know these waters as a fisherman myself. So not only do I know the habits and tendencies and hiding spots of local fish, but I understand people who like fishing, and I understand what makes fishing awesome. We’ll get along just fine.

AMI Excursions New Hanson Boat for Fishing Charters, Sunset Cruises, Dolphin Tours, and Sun and Fun on Anna Maria Island, Florida

Comfortable Boat Designed for AMI Waters

My boat is a 23-foot Hanson. These are considered the best-riding 23-foot boats in the world. And they were designed and made right here in southwest Florida, specifically for the Gulf of Mexico and our unique inshore waters.

The AMI Excursions boat is super-comfortable for two people up to groups and families. It rides easy on the waves and it’s easy to navigate through flats and alongside mangroves. It’s the only boat I use for my charters, and I’m very confident and comfortable taking people out in it. I swear by it.

Knowledgeable, Flexible AMI Fishing Excursions

Do you know your fish? Are you an experienced Florida angler looking for an exciting, fulfilling day on the water? I’m the fishing partner for you!

Are you brand-new to fishing? Do you want to show your kids the magic of the water on Anna Maria Island? I love it, and I can take you right to the perfect spots. We’ll be pulling up great catches in no time!

Are you more interested in sightseeing, wildlife, and sunsets? We’ve got those, too! I’m happy to take you out to see the beauty of the area—including our magical wild dolphin tours. And I can keep the conversation going, or I can just sit back behind the wheel and let you enjoy the magic of the moment. Whatever works for you.

What AMI Charter Boat Excursion Will You Choose?

With so many years of experience as an AMI boat charter captain, I’ve hosted some excellent adventures right here on the waters off Anna Maria Island. Will yours be next?

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