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A Preview of Your Anna Maria Sunset Cruise

A Preview of Your Anna Maria Sunset Cruise

When fishing is your life, just getting out there on the water is second nature.

That’s my perspective as a professional charter captain with more than 10 years of experience right here on the Anna Maria Island waters. What it means is that I can make sunset cruises fun and effortless for the whole family. And I’m always happy to have people on my boat.

Here’s why my experience on the water matters, even when you’re not trying to catch any fish.

How to Prepare for an Evening Cruise

Because I’ve been out on these local waters just about every day for the last decade, I know what to expect from the Gulf of Mexico and Intracoastal, and from our southwest Florida weather in general. I’ll always make sure my boat is prepared.

But perhaps more importantly, I can make sure you and your party are prepared. When we talk before your Anna Maria sunset cruise, I’ll already know when the sunset will occur and how long we’ll be out there before and after it.

I can help you prep for the temperature—not just the forecast, but what it will feel like on the boat. If conditions will be still or windy, humid or crisp. I can recommend appropriate clothing.

And depending on the weather, I can probably let you know what kind of sunset we’re going to get. And I will for sure get us to a great spot for watching it.

What to Expect from an Evening Cruise

In short, you’ll see an incredible display of nature.

Now, I can’t guarantee every sunset will look like something out of a storybook. But I can tell you what’s happening and why. And I can help you see the beauty in what we’re experiencing—however it happens to show itself on any particular evening.

Oftentimes the key to enjoying a sunset isn’t in the sunset itself, but in the overall mindset. Whatever happens, I can help us find the incredible nature—literally—in the moment.

Just In Case…

Before we go, my experience is what makes me prepared. While we’re actually out on the water, my experience means adaptability. I can utilize that preparation to handle whatever we encounter, and comes our way.

When you’re out on a boat, you want as little uncertainty as possible. That means always having what you need, and knowing how and when to use it.

Fortunately, sunset cruises don’t require a lot from us by way of equipment—we just need to show up. But rest assured, when the unexpected happens, I’ll be there to handle it.

And not only does that keep us safe; it creates all the confidence and security you need to kick back and enjoy your evening.

The Charter Cruise X-Factor: A Personable Captain

Another thing experience has taught me: All the natural beauty that Anna Maria has to offer can still be spoiled by a sourpuss in charge.

In addition to just straight-up loving the salt life, one of the main reasons I created this business was to share my love of the water in general—and Anna Maria Island in particular. It’s not just my job; it’s in my nature to connect with people and help us all connect with the experience together.

I’m told I’m very personable, and that’s one of the best compliments you can get in this business. Every charter captain loves the water, but not every one loves people, too. I’m happy to say that I think that’s what helps AMI Excursions stand out.

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